About MMMA

Established in 2018, MOL Magsaysay Maritime Academy (MMMA) is envisioned to be the premier maritime higher educational institution in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region producing globally competitive maritime professionals through progressive and unparalleled outcome-based education founded on the virtues of excellence, discipline, and service. MMMA offers Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSMarE) and Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) to prepare cadets for their professional career in the maritime industry.



MMMA envisions to be the premier maritime higher education institution, producing globally competitive and outstanding maritime professionals through relevant, progressive, and unparalleled education founded on the culture of virtues and excellence.


MMMA is committed to the advancement of knowledge and skills, development of leadership and discipline, and formation of values and work ethics to produce well-rounded maritime professionals to serve the shipping industry and the community.

Core Values


Upholds its passion for continuous innovation in maritime education and services that inspire and produce well-rounded individuals with integrity, confidence, and leadership.


Pledges its commitment to the code of conduct and dedication beyond obeying policies and procedures that govern one’s moral actions.


Fulfill its creed to act beyond stated duties and obligations, encouraging positive social transformation.

Core Values


The potential of aspiring individuals to become well-rounded and socially responsible leaders in the maritime industry.


To high ideals, creating an educational center of excellence that develops confidence with a continuous interest to learn.


Awareness and consideration with critical thinking, leadership, teamwork with commitment and dedication to excellence, propelled by a love for the maritime profession.