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Full Mission Bridge Simulator Room

A ship handling simulator room is a training facility where maritime professionals practice and enhance their ship handling skills through realistic simulations. We also have mini bridge simulators and instructor’s simulation room

Engine Simulator Lab

An engine simulator room is a space designed for simulating engine operations, often used for training and practice in a controlled environment

Diesel Engine Generator Area

A diesel generator area on a vessel is a specific space where diesel generators installed to generate electrical power for various onboard systems and equipment.

ME-C Engine Area

The ME-C engine area refers to specific section on a ship when MAN Energy Solution’s ME-C engines are two-stroke marine diesel engines commonly used in various types of vessels for propulsion.

Engine Control Room & Main Switch Board Laboratory

An engine control room is a centralized space for monitoring and managing engine operations in applications like maritime vessels or industrial settings.

Multiple Lathe Machine Shop

This area consists of multiple lathe machines used to hold and rotate a workpiece in performing different machine works.

Lifeboat and Davit Area

A lifeboat or life raft is a small, rigid or inflatable boat carried for emergency evacuation in the event of a disaster aboard a ship.

Mooring and Windlass Deck

An area where the windlass and mooring winch is operated. This machine is used for pulling cables and ropes – a crucial part in operations such as anchoring, mooring, and cargo handling.